September 2006 Good Reads

This months lineup:

Endymion Spring – Sure, it’s a kids book but so is Harry Potter and nothing is stopping me from enjoying that series as well. I think kids books and young adult stories are more enjoyable and captivating because they are much more free and flowing. They make a great break from books that take themselves too seriously, and Endymion Spring is fitting that bill quite well right now for me. It’s a bit like the DaVinci Code for younger readers with a blend of real people and places and fantastical tales. However, the DaVinci Code always seemed lacking and read more like a movie than a novel and Endymion Spring has similar tendencies. I like it though and am currently about half-way through… my feelings could change.

Magical Thinking and Running With Scissors – Both great quick reads from Augusten Burroughs. Running w/Scissors is a true story of the author’s life growing up in one of the most dysfunctional situations imaginable. You’ll laugh, cry, and be disgusted for the most part but it’s one of those books you can’t stop reading. I hear it is set to be turned into a movie, I have no idea how that can be but we’ll see. Magical Thinking is more of a bunch of short stories again mostly true accounts, but is one of those rare books to make me laugh out loud multiple times.

The Book of Tea – I love this book, I’m not sure why but I do. It gives a nice glimpse into the past and of the whole culture and story surrounding tea. It’s available to read for free online at Project Gutenberg:

Building My Zen Garden – I read this about 7 years back online at: and I just re-read it due to my own garden building project. The writing and humor is top notch, and there is actually a healthy dose of insight and information inside too… just don’t expect a how-to manual… more like a how-not-to.


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