Sunflower Brand Jasmine Green Tea

While I’m already “slumming it” right off the bat with my “in cup” entries, why stop now? The truth is this tea was my start to loose tea 10-11 years back, and while many write it off I still enjoy it to this day. Everyone has seen it, the three sizes of yellow and gold tins that say “Jasmine Tea” in four languages around it, most everyone says it is bitter and terrible. However, when brewed properly I can make this tea stand right up there with top grade expensive Jasmine greens, no foolin’.

Part of the secret is to only buy the 1/2 lb. tin (a whole $3.99 :), they are filled with nice full jasmine blossoms whereas the small tins have only a few petals. Also don’t try to brew it as a green tea. Use higher heat water and medium steeping times (about 1.5-2 minutes) . It is better than the top and second grade Jasmine green that I bough for a decent penny at Ten Ren. And while I’m baring it all, I often brew this in a Yixing teapot *gasp* (It is not “correct” to brew a green in Yixing, but since this one likes higher water temps. I break the law). Have been for 10 years or so, and the teapot has the most beautiful scent to it and the tea that comes out of it has impressed and amazed many a seasoned tea drinker that it came from that little yellow and gold tin with the “junky” tea inside.


11 Responses to Sunflower Brand Jasmine Green Tea

  1. Jason Fasi says:

    I love that stuff. Makes great iced tea, too.

  2. teasphere says:

    Absolutely, and if you use “Yellow Lump Sugar” either hot or as iced tea it is very enjoyable too. The owner of an Asian market once suggested it when I was buying a few tins, and he didn’t steer me wrong, even though I’m not much for sugar in my hot tea it complements it well iced. It was “Mount Tai” brand lump sugar I believe.

  3. Paul Jones says:

    I have to make a 100mile round trip on my honda rebel to buy that little gold and yellow tin. I live out in the country and I had discovered that wonderful tea while shopping at a import grocer in Springfield IL. I am 29 and don’t own a tea pot because I never liked tea thanks to my parents drinking Lipton Ice tea yuck. I use a old pyrex brand perculate coffee pot. So if this is not a good method then I am willing to listen. It works well for me though.

  4. teasphere says:

    Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by! I too live quite a ways out in the country and I used to only be able to pick this tea up once every few months when I went into the city to the one small Asian market. It was a great introduction to tea outside of a standard American tea bag. I started similar to you, using whatever I had and lots of trial and error. The Internet is a great equalizer though and sites like Upton Tea, or Teaspring offer very inexpensive samples and shipping, so there is hope!

    As for brewing, I started with a simple tea infuser ceramic mug. You put the tea in the infuser, and pour hot water in, once it is steeped you take out the infuser and enjoy. Simple, and cheap. Try cooler water (not boiling) and try different amounts of tea as well as steeping time. Welcome to the world of tea, and feel free to poke around and ask as many questions as you’d like!

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi – I recently went to the store to purchase this tea in the infamous gold tin, but noticed there was an identical tin also available in red. I could not find any differences in the teas on the packaging. Do you know what the difference is?

    • teasphere says:

      I have seen but not purchased the red tin, and as far as I can tell from the label and information it is indeed the same tea inside. They are both jasmine green teas from “Sunflower Brand” tea co. I will pick up a tin and see in the next week or so. I usually drink a bit higher quality Dragon Pearl jasmine green these days, but I still crave this one at times and it makes wonderful iced tea too.

  6. Jasmina says:

    So I went to the Asian supermarket and found this tea in two different tins, yellow + gold and red. It reminded me of the time when I was a child in Morocco looking at the same toy but in two different packaging. While back then it didn’t matter because the toy would’ve been played with, it would’ve seem appropriate for someone to tell me that, had I chose the toy with the old packaging and held on to it, it would be worth some money, in turn I could’ve sold it and I could pay for the fake tooth I now have to work 2 jobs to pay for. So instead of telling me how much you all love this tea, please tell me what the difference is because it now comes in a red tin and I want to make sure that I make a sound investment. Otherwise, I’ll have to admit to my BF that most people (91.6%) are full of shit, including this website.

    • teasphere says:

      How strange :) Well, I’d like to not be part of that 91.6% over a simple packaging re-design, especially after spending years and countless hours writing all of these posts. It appears to be identical based on the label alone, I will be picking up a tin in the coming week or so to try it out and verify it. Sorry about the tooth business.

      • As far as I can tell, there are two different establishment numbers – one for the yellow tins, and one for the red tins. Same exporter – Sunflower, and both colors are side by side at the local Chinese markets. Roughly the same price… I’ve got an older stash of each, and cannot remember if there is a real difference – maybe the gold tins have more green tea in the blend?

  7. Nick Brooks says:

    I emailed the manufacturer directly the yellow tin(1033) is better quality than the red tin(2062) they also have a blue tin(3091) but i am told the yellow is the best.

  8. John says:

    Where do you buy it in australia

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