Ten Ren Jasmine Green

I’m a big jasmine/green fan (in case there was any question ;) and no matter what exotic or high-end tea I get stuck on for a bit, I always come back to cravings for a solid jasmine green tea. Today was one of those days. I picked up a 1/4lb. of Ten Ren’s, in NYC, 2nd grade Jasmine green tea and it hasn’t seen much action since. I found it slightly lacking and had better options so it was put into my second string AKA my work teas. Teas I can brew at work with minimal to medium brewing needs and the ability for me not to cry when I have to walk away for some time only to see it go cold and need reheated or topped off with fresh hot stuff.

But this tea is a strange animal, there is more than meets the eye in there. Today I spent a good bit of time concentrating on it and playing with the brewing times and water temps and I have uncovered a wonderfully enjoyable green tea under the somewhat overpowering jasmine. If brewed right you can make the green tea “pop” and it has the flavor of a fairly high-quality sencha with more subdued jasmine notes. Which is very nice indeed. I almost gave up on it and wrote it off as another semi-expensive flop, and to some degree it still is, but I think half of this will come back into my home and be at least a bench warmer to the starters.


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