Shui Xian NYC Tea Gallery

Today’s cup is filled with quality tea from NYC (The Tea Gallery) that was graciously given to me by an online acquaintance, however it is not my cup of tea. It is a heavily roasted (double roasted) oolong that reminds me of light little bits of charcoal over tea. The leaves never really unfurl and become more than blackened twisted leaves, even over multiple steeps. The flavor is lacking IMO in that all you really taste is the roasting and very slight oolong characteristics. This may be for some, just not me.

Another Shui Xian I also received came from Singapore and was more normally roasted and was absolutely captivating. Lighter, more pronounced oolong flavor, and like a Chinese restaurant tea from heaven. It hit you with the aroma of tobacco or raisins dry, and turned into a wonderful brew that retained some of that raisin flavor as well as a bit of sweetness. It also had a slight earthy taste and a finish of light charcoal. That was much more in my range of happiness. However, I have sadly found that no more is available for purchase… and nothing makes you want something more and keeps you from being satisfied by other’s like the longing for that particular taste.


2 Responses to Shui Xian NYC Tea Gallery

  1. SN says:

    This double roasted you had sounds like what i experienced, but i had decided not to get anymore of its type because of the flavor. Its always interesting to find out theres more variety to one type of tea!

  2. […] uhm not much taste – like a really dark (baked/roasted) oolong 3/7 simple flavor… something roasted, somewhat tobacco-ish…some ‘chocolate’ but not much. not much aftertaste. Seems this is the experience with ‘double-roasted’ processing, there are posibilities to the shui xian to be less roasted and give another type of flavor (DominicT). […]

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