Yixing Collection Photo #1

I’ve been wanting to have a place to post images of my Yixing teapots and teware, so here is as good a place as any. I’ll try to post up a new photo each week of a different piece from my collection, and I’ll be going in reverse order of purchase… so the first posted will be my newest.

Yixing Teapot Photo #1

This was a Christmas gift from my fiance (Kelly)  and a neat little teapot I liked mainly because of the unique script on it that I could not place. I could have done without the “artistic” painting done on it, but overall I like it.

I was lucky enough to have a great guy named Danny from R.F.D.T. translate it for me:

On the right it reads:  Fu Ru Dong Hai – May your Prosperity be as ample as
the Eastern Sea
On the left it reads: Shou Bi Nan Shan – May you lifespan be as long as the
Southern mountain
On the bottom it reads from right to left: Yi Xing Zi Sha – Purple Clay of Yixing

and another MarshaIN added:

These are standard phrases wishing someone happy birthday, although
generally reserved for older folks.  You wouldn’t normally tell someone
who’s 25 these things, but you would someone 65.
The script is an imitation of an ancient style, mostly used before
200AD, but I think it’s not entirely accurate and adapted to modern
I think the thing in the middle is a very stylized “shou”, which means

…It was further discussed and the script is  called “Seal Script” and was used in the Qin dynasty (221 – 207 BC). So basically I got an old person’s “Happy Birthday” teapot for Christmas! :) Good stuff!

The specs:

Price: Gift.

Tea: None Yet. Possibly Shui Xian since it is a tea that both myself and Kelly enjoy.

Owned: 1 Year


4 Responses to Yixing Collection Photo #1

  1. Salsero says:

    Beautiful teapot and description. You may want to post photos at Adagio’s TeaChat website. There is a “Show Us Your Teapots” thread that has gotten quite a bit of attention and it seems to be looked at by a lot of people. You could also mention your website there, as I have been unaware of it and was delighted to stumble on it today after noticing the link at r.f.d.t after your name.

    The link to the TeaChat thread is


  2. CATinTexas says:

    Hi, I’m just about the luckiest websurfer in town tonight. I have a teapot with the exact same Chinese Characters on the side. My pot looks almost the same except the handle is round, the knob is a Foo Dog, and the painted decoration is less obtrusive. I went to gotheborg.com before I found you. Thanks for the great blog! Now I have the translation too!

  3. teasphere says:

    Great! I felt just as lucky to have come across someone online who could recognize the script and translate it initially, I’m glad it could help someone else in return. In fact due to your comment I am going to work on putting up the rest of my Yixing collection and any translations I have from them. It is always amazing the crazy stuff you can learn/fin on the Internets. :)

  4. Thank you for this great information. I wanted a little something great to serve at my up coming get together, today I’ve found it right here on this web site.

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