Not Tea – Vitamin Water

OK, I’m not schilling here… but I have been absolutely addicted to two flavors of Glaceau’s Vitamin Water for the past few months: XXX (Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate) and formula 50 (grape with 50% dose of many daily vitamins). It has nothing to do with any perceived health benefits (although welcome) but with the taste, they are sweet but not sickeningly so and not filled with additives or anything funky/artificial.

There are a ton of flavors, and I’ve tried just about all of them, but these two are far and away standouts in my book and to my palate. Acai can be harsh sometimes, but the mixture in the XXX is fairly balanced so it is not pronounced.  They are a nice alternative to the sugars in juice and certainly to soda. Just figured I’d share since it can’t be tea all the time… can it?


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