Post Office Nazis

I’ve been awaiting my package from with a nice assortment of mid to high-grade teas for about 7 days only to come home to a “We Missed You” slip from the post office. The card stated I could sign the back and leave it in my mailbox to allow them to leave the package, so I did. I also (thankfully) called to ensure they were going to attempt to redeliver it today before the weekend, which is when the fun started…

I was informed that it was a registered package and that they refused to leave it even with the signed release. I explained that the card stated nothing about that. They then seemed to give in, but then he quickly pulled back his offer because the package was in Chinese and he couldn’t tell what was in it. I explained to him that that had to be the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. He then went back to his hard line on being personally present and signing for it… and now he was insisting that it be opened there at the office before I could take it. I then explained that if he opened it and damaged/broke any of the tea I would become his worst nightmare. Luckily I had a dentist appointment today (well, not so luckily as I now have my first cavities, yay) so I had a few spare minutes. When I stopped in they brought the box up and then forced me to open it. So I did, even though I was not happy about it, and they then decided to tell me how unimportant such a package is and how stupid it was that I would have tea shipped to me from China rather than going to the grocery store like they did. Oh, what a chuckle they had. Ugh. They then made me sign three forms, and tried to make me pay for the “inspection” which I quickly denied to do since I was holding the package and I left. What a great government resource, hopefully email and competition will continue to ruin them and cut into those “meager” wages of $15-40/hour they receive from my paycheck.

The only upside to this day so far is that once it is over I’ll have all weekend to enjoy the tea and post up the findings! Stay Tuned!


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