Bi Lo chun –

I’ve been under the weather lately but nothing was going to stop me from breaking into my new stash from I started with the Bi Lo Chun. It is much lighter green than the photo on their site and it more closely resembles their photo of the Dong Ting Bi Lo Chun (I’ll post a photo later). My taste buds aren’t at their peak since I’m sick but I could tell that even teaspring’s most inexpensive BLC was exceptional. It’s taste is everything you think of with BLC: clear, sweet, and slightly vegetal with a tiny hint of nuttiness… I hate the term “nutty” as it is a turnoff for me with tea, but I guess it is the closest approximation to the flavor. In any event it is very subtle almost non-existent.

The tiny package weighs in at 50g of the dense little “snails” and is a bargain for under $5! This is has replaced all other BLC on my list and will be in constant supply both at home and work as a daily drinker. It’s that good. I have had better, but at much more of a premium and truthfully this hits every base at a much more reasonable cost. My only regret is that I didn’t bring some to work to enjoy here, that will be resolved tomorrow :)


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