Feng Huang Dan Cong – Teaspring.com

I have a love affair with the lychee, on par with my love of haw, and I have always been horribly disappointed in the many teas flavored with this fruit. Many times it is artificial, or too strong, or not even close to the point that it is disgustingly flowery or just flat-out terrible. I never understand why. The actual flavor of lychee is so nice and subtle and earthy and just seems like a natural fit for tea. Feng Huang Dan Cong always has an association with a fruity flavor; Peach, Longan, Lychee, etc. Some of the lower quality Feng Huang’s I’ve had were artificially flavored, and some of the better quality ones never brought out that longan/lychee flavor for me but were very enjoyable. I threw a 25g packet of Teaspring’s offering into my last order because I’m always willing to try again. I’ve hit the jackpot with this one!

The dry leaf and initial scent I got from brewing was very floral, which had been the case with some previous experiences. The first sip, however, proved much different. My first reaction was peach, but as I sipped and explored it, and through subsequent brewings, I can definitely say it is very close to longan/lychee. There is a bit of floral TGY flavor in there though in the initial hit, but the finish and lingering flavor is certainly fruit. A very nice and subtle flavor that is the perfect balance of flavor, a balance one could never attain through flavorings or artificial means. Each sip offers a new flavor or hint and it bounces between a perfectly ripe peach and an earthy, sweet longan and many areas in between. If I had my way, the initial floral note would be much less pronounced, but that is just my personal taste and preference and about the only thing I could knock.

The leaf is very nice and long, in thin tight spirals which unfurl fully in multiple steepings. The flavor is fairly complex but in a good way which doesn’t overwhelm but instead intrigues and draws you in to each sip and breath. I’m a happy man with this one, and the price is very reasonable to ensure a much larger purchase than 25g is in my near future. I have even earmarked one of my Yixing, that has been waiting in the wings, for this tea.


One Response to Feng Huang Dan Cong – Teaspring.com

  1. SN says:

    sounds good. i should give teaspring a visit, at least to compare to some zgc i just got

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