Song Zhong Dan Cong –

Another Dan Cong from teaspring is on the docket today, this time the Song Zhong. I’ll throw out my first and lingering thought of this tea: Snapple Peach Tea. If you have ever had a Snapple peach iced tea then you will be able to know the flavor here. Sure, the tea is much better quality and has some nice notes of its own, and there are no peach/apple juice additions, or even corn syrup… but it is all there. I’d venture to guess if you iced this tea down, and blind taste tested it next to the Snapple the only thing that would distinguish them is the less harsh sweetness and the great tea base. This isn’t meant as a slight either, it is pretty remarkable that all of that flavor, sweetness, and character comes from just a plain roasted leaf. Truly remarkable.

It is much less subtle than the Feng Huang, and for some that is what they want… a nice punch of flavor and character. I, personally, care for the more subdued nature of the Feng Huang as I like to hunt and search as I drink. It is very nice though, and I have plans of trying this as an iced tea. I’d drink it occasionally as a change of pace but probably not much more than that. Well worth a try for fans of the fruity notes of Dan Cong’s… or those who enjoy a Snapple peach tea. Next up is the final tea from this order, Shui Xian, then it is on to other vendors and teas.

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