Shui Xian –

OK, it has been a long time coming but here is the final review from my teaspring order: Shui Xian. It’s a winner. I haven’t spent much time with it only because Kelly has been running through it like there’s no tomorrow. I may just have to update this post and let her add in her thoughts and notes… my first guest review! I will say that the level of roasting is almost perfect (a touch light) but very close to my preference level for Shui Xian. I like it to be noticeably roasted/fired but not to the point of charcoal or so light that the leaves unfurl effortlessly in one or two brewings. Mid to heavy roast. Flavor is great, raisin, charcoal, sweet and it holds up to multiple steeps very well.

Overall, I have to say that Teaspring has performed well across a decent spectrum of tea and that the value for the money is very good. Easily worth adding to your vendor list for Chinese teas. They are limited in their selection to only Chinese teas, but  other than that they get high marks from me. I prefer a specialist over generalist when it comes to tea.


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