Raw Milk

OK, so it isn’t tea but it was in my cup and there are many folks who enjoy milk in their tea. Milk is one thing I am very serious about, and it isn’t even because I drink much of it or have any particular affinity. It is because of growth hormones, antibiotics, and poor feeding and handling. Milk is a super concentration of all of those factors and to drink anything less than ideal milk is tantamount to getting a super-dose of bovine hormones and antibiotics along with who knows what else. I am a huge supporter of rBST/RBGH Free milk and it is all I will drink, mainly in skim form.

My grandfather received a gallon of real raw milk recently and I had the chance to sample some of it. Before shaking the container the cream had naturally separated to the top which was neat to see. The scent of cow/farm was certainly present and it was a touch off-putting but also nice to actually have a totally non-processed food which is pretty rare these days. It was very thick and creamy and gave the feel of ice cream or a milkshake, it was excellent. Instantly dreams of an ultimate milkshake began dancing around my head and it doesn’t take much imagination as it would without a doubt earn the title. The second thought was how amazing it would be with tea since it actually had body and flavor of its own and not just white water as so much milk is. I didn’t get to test that theory but I have found a list of local farms which sell raw milk near me and will be making a trip to try it out.

I’d find it hard to enjoy in my cereal, and I can imagine the fat content is pretty high, among other things, but it was an experience and certainly makes you think about older, slower times and having a real connection with your food. It’s worth a shot, you can search for your state here: http://www.realmilk.com/where2.html


One Response to Raw Milk

  1. SN says:

    mmmm…milk…haven’t had “real” milk since i was small… had it straight from the cow too, naturally warm ;)
    only thing i didn’t like was the pelicle it would form on top when my parents boiled it.
    now that i think about it, i was in Europe for some years and after a while developed stomach problems with milk, came back here to the US i drink it by the gallon (maybe here they heat flash it ’till destroys antigenic proteins?)

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