Yerba Mate Green

This was a spur of the moment purchase mainly out of curiosity. Yerba Mate Green is an unfermented form of traditional Yerba Mate. It has an herb-like scent, slightly woody, and reminiscent of regular green tea. Not having all of the required gourds and straws, and a failed attempt to brew it in my gaiwan, makes brewing the tiny green and brown flakes tough. I finally hit on drinking it through a double-barreled coffee stirrer straw which filters out the tiny specs. The flavor is actually close to a lower-grade green Puerh. Slight astringency, a bit of a roasted taste, and slightly woody. It’s actually fairly enjoyable. It’s said to contain higher amounts of the healthy stuff which fermentation kills in normal Yerba Mate if you’re into that sort of thing, to me, it’s a beverage. For a fan of Mate it would make a nice change of pace similar to switching up between a darker/fermented tea and a fresh green tea for variety.


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