Rooibos – Eastern Shore Tea Co.

A while back I was hunting for some Rooibos tea for work, and limited in options I found a little ribboned bag from Eastern Shore Tea Co. It contained 20 individually wrapped gold-foil tea bags for about $3.00. The company claims that all of their tea bags contain the same whole leaf tea they sell just broken or crushed for tea bag brewing. They sell a ton of different teas, flavored and tisanes, but the African Red Bush tea is the only one I have tried.

I have to say that it is actually a pretty high quality Rooibos and it made a great quick and easy work tea. There are no additions or flavorings, just 100% Rooibos, which is actually harder to find as it seems everyone wants to muddy it up with flavorings. It is naturally caffeine free and said to contain a high amount of anti-oxidants. Sweet, slightly nutty and woody as well as a bit of sharp tang such as citrus and never bitter no matter how long it steeps… which is great for a work tea that can be neglected or forgotten during an unexpected issue or problem. The tea bags are good for an occasional second weaker steep, but offer their full flavor in the first run.

For a cheap find during a lunch break in the city I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and I plan on giving some of their other offerings a shot at work as well. Especially now that my beloved Mlesna brand Monk’s Blend tea bags appear to be discontinued. As much as I live and die by my gaiwan at work, sometimes I need a tea bag I can dunk in hot water cooler water for a meeting or on-the-go.


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