Seagram’s Green Tea Ginger Ale

Since my tea drinking has still steadily revolved around my current rut (BLC, Shui Xian, and Huo Shan Huang Ya) my recent posts have only been able to be about strange or odd offshoots, today’s is no different unfortunately. However, with new spring greens popping up it all may change soon.

Last night I was presented with a two-liter bottle of Seagram’s brand green tea ginger ale with antioxidants. My love for tea lands me all kinds of tea-related oddities from well-intentioned friends and family. It apparently contains 200mg of antioxidants per serving, if you are into that sort of thing. The ingredient list is sadly not all natural and there are a number of preservatives and unpronounceable additions that I can’t recall without the label here to refer to… it’s probably best that way. But at least the green tea was naturally added.

It was unusually fizzy and pouring it gingerly (oof :) still resulted in a mass of 4-5″ of foam to 1″ of beverage. Waiting it out, I continued to pour and wait and pour and wait. Finally I had a respectable glass. It has a very fragrant green tea smell which stands out stronger than I had expected against the ginger ale. The flavor also certainly puts the green tea ahead of any ginger taste but in a pretty good balance. The flavor is more like an unnatural green tea/lemony instant drink, though, rather than a proper green tea. Disappointing to some degree but interesting enough to try once or twice. I do have an unnatural love for Tom Tucker brand mint ginger ale, though, and this one isn’t even close competition for my flavored ginger ale needs.


One Response to Seagram’s Green Tea Ginger Ale

  1. Here in Canada there’s a Canada Dry Ginger Ale with green tea. I got the chance to try it a few weeks ago and it wasn’t too bad. A little bit more gingery than green teaish, but it was tasty nonetheless.

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