Japanese Sencha Yamato – Upton Tea

May 22, 2008

OK, so finally back on the horse again and out of the rut I’ve been in. The Sencha Yamato is Upton’s superior grade Sencha, which they claim to have a “brighter flavor and smoother aftertaste.” So how did it stack up? I’d have to say somewhere near the middle, but to be fair the top of the middle range.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the leaf quality as there were a lot of fannings and broken bits. It was however a very verdant green and did posses a bright scent. The flavor fell a bit shy of the dry smell though. It brewed to a pond-water green cup with little in the way of nose. A bit roasty, vegetal, a bit astringent, barely a hint of fishy/kelpy flavor, a touch thick and smooth, and as promised a smooth aftertaste. It was less what I would consider “bright” though as they state in their description. Nothing stands out as being in any way bad or wrong, just nothing really stands out as being amazing.

I do admit that Japanese greens are a special area of interest for me, so I do tend to be a bit tougher to please. It is only because I have tasted so many truly spectacular greens that I don’t relegate Sencha automatically to some lower, pedestrian, tea as it can sometimes be thought of. Will I enjoy the rest of it? Sure. Will I be clamoring for more? Probably not.