Bi Lo Chun – Upton Tea

ZG92 Pi Lo Chun from Upton was my attempt to satiate my need for BLC in a current drop of quality BLC produced this year. Sadly it didn’t. It has a faint hint of plastic taste/smell to it which I don’t know the origin of since it is shipped in mylar bags but some BLC can have a scent like that naturally. The actual flavor is slightly weak but does convey the basic notes of BLC, nothing complex or deep for sure. It’s a bit pale and has a fairly strong vegetal taste as well as nose. It falters majorly after even one spirited brewing so two is about it at best.

It doesn’t stack up to other decent quality BLCs but it has made the trip with me to serve as an at work tea so it isn’t anything special but good enough to suffice and get me through my daily penance semi-happily until it runs out.


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