Japanese Sencha – Upton Tea

TJ10 Japanese Sencha is the lower grade offering from Upton as far as Sencha goes. I actually prefer it to their Sencha “Yamato” which is supposedly better. It is still far short of expectations though. I would easily put it in the same class as some cheap Hime Brand Bancha, and the Bancha actually has larger full blades of tea than the heavily broken bits in this. It is very vegetal, nicely green, and not much else. I did make some iced tea with it though because after just two attempts to drink it I just gave up and wanted to use it up. It makes very good green iced tea, actually better than the Bancha does. Who knows. My tasting notes are almost non-existent because it just wasn’t worth my time and I have better things to try still sitting around, so I apologize but I just couldn’t get into it.

I hate to say it but this is most likely the last tea I buy from Upton. I can tolerate lower quality teas, so it isn’t snobbery… just that I can generally buy Upton quality tea from a local Asian market for a buck or two and in some cases be better off. I will admit though that my tastes have seemed to refine again and I now do crave a mid-high quality tea or I’m just not fully satisfied. I just hope I maintain this level for a while because the next step is to the top-shelf stuff which is going to get quite expensive.


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