Dahongpao – Wu Yi Star

I received a few samples of Wu Yi Star tea in a recent order and decided to check them out. They are individually foil-wrapped nylon tea sachets with a string and tag and appear to contain pretty good quality leaf. I started with the Dahongpao, and while it isn’t normally a top choice of mine, it was very good. It has that mid-roasted type scent of an oolong that is neither green nor heavily roasted, which initially turned me off as I like my oolongs in more of the older, traditional, style of heavy roasting.

The liquor brewed up to a nice golden brown color and was fairly thin feeling on the tongue. It is full bodied and almost analogous to a cup of coffee in that it has notes of both roasting and some spice. A bit of flower was trying to peak through but just overpowered by the other notes. It is a rare tea and I’m sure many oolong fans would find this a very suitable replacement for the real thing when on the go or even for iced tea. It easily stood up to three brewings and the changes were very subtle. I actually plan on trying this iced and updating this post with the results. I just can’t get into the slightly green or totally green oolongs no matter what, it just isn’t for me, but for those who enjoy a good TGY or similar will probably be surprised with this having come from a teabag.


One Response to Dahongpao – Wu Yi Star

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