Chamomile Lemongrass

I know, it isn’t “tea” proper but it is what’s in my cup and I’ve been enjoying it. After an hour-and-a-half commute home last night and over two hours in this morning due to a wreck backing up traffic I went for the calming, soothing option. I’ve had this little packet of loose chamomile flowers and lemongrass bits for a month or two now and just forgot about it. So I tossed some in the gaiwan and brewed it up. The smell was instantly intoxicating for me especially since seperately both components are some of my favorites.

Both ingredients are in balance and it is slightly sweet from the chamomile with just a very tiny hint of the lemongrass on the back end but neither overly strong. Unfortunately I have no info on the origins as it is in a nondescript plain white foil/paper pouch and was purchased from Nicholas Coffee co. here in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s a slightly chilly, dreary, rainy day (my absolute favorite kind!) so it is a great fit.

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