Breitsamer Imkergold Honig Honey

I’ve been a bit under the weather of late and I tend to bypass the subtle fancy teas and go for some basic black tea with a good honey. I normally get great local raw honey from a beekeeeper my mother knows but I was out so I went in search of a reasonable alternative. I skipped over the bear-shaped squeeze bottle section and went for the ethnic isles. I thought some sort of Greek honey might be good, but nearby the German section was flush with amazing looking raw honey.

Breitsamer had some great looking honey in a few varieties that instantly caught my eye in how natural they looked. A Forrest Honey which was very dark and claimed to be aromatic, an Acacia Honey which was very light, and Imkergold which was the Goldielocks “right-in-the-middle” option and had a very thick granuated/natural thick layer settled at the bottom. I couldn’t resist the pull.

Imkergold Honey

Imkergold Honey

The verdict: Totally Impressed. This is great honey! Well priced at about $6.00 for 500g and supremely flavorful and natural. I will admit it doesn’t stack up perfectly to my two favorites Red Bamboo or the local beekeepers raw offering, but it is available in the local market and a very close third. I plan on snapping up one of each of the two remaining types, especially the dark Forrest Honey. There is no English imformation available on this honey online so I figured I’d share, and technically it is in my cup right now.


11 Responses to Breitsamer Imkergold Honig Honey

  1. Ellen Anglin says:

    Forest honey, be warned, is an aquired taste.
    It is a specialty honey gathered by bees placed in forests. (Usually pine.) With few or no flowering plants to gather nectar from, the bees resort to gathering honeydew from aphids feeding on the pine trees. (Yes, this honey is made from aphid-excretions, not flower nectar.)

    It usually has a strong piney or woody flavor than some people love. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

  2. chris says:

    Yes, you’d do well to try the Dark Forest honey, but it is honeydew honey, not typical floral honey. Also a word of warning, too much honeydew is often unkind on certain stomachs!

    I have a jar of the same Breitsamer variety that you picked in your blog, and I enjoy it very much. It is the large 500g jar, and is now totally crystallized at the bottom due to being less than 1/3 full, and the jar is full of air (oxygen). But it had foamy patches when freshly opened and I am very impressed with it. Its light and delicate flavor is a unique and welcome change from the usual robust American honeys. I’m also a fan of the local (Florida) Orange Blossom honeys, and in the summers stock up on Sourwood honey from Ashe County, NC whenever I can. If you haven’t tried those varieties, then do yourself a favor! You can also order from



  3. teasphere says:

    I had no idea about the aphids with the forrest honey and in fact was just speaking with a beekeeper the other day and brought that up and he not only confirmed it but gave me some really in-depth detail which was amazing. Thanks for the info! I was also unaware of the honeydew honey, I’ll be on the lookout. I bought a pound of the red bamboo and thistle as well as a mead making kit which I’m looking forward too.

  4. Cambree says:

    I have tried their cream honey and love it. It’s perfect to sweeten up my coffee and tea.

    But I do prefer local honey most of the time.

    • teasphere says:

      Sadly local honey is hard to come by, I’m down to only two really good local beekeepers. I stock up when I get the chance but occasionally I run out and try to find unique temporary fixes like this one.

  5. Rick says:

    I just came across the Breitsamer Honig (Rapsblute), which is a creamy butter type. I too was looking for a more natural/wild honey for my teas. I keep hearing about the antibiotic properties they possess. This one tastes pretty good, so i can’t wait to taste it in my green tea…

  6. Lavona Clark says:

    I am trying to find Breitsamer Rapsbluten Honig. also Langnese Wild Honey. do you stock these products and can you ship them.


    L. M. Clark

  7. Frank says:

    Does the Breitsamer honey contain the pollen or has it been removed?

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