Mlesna Ginger Peach and Canadian Ice Wine Tea

I’m almost over my cold but not quite to the point where I’d be doing any justice to some really great tea so I bought some small packs of Mlesna (Metropolitan Tea Co.) brand tea in their Canadian Icewine and Ginger Peach flavors. Mlesna uses Ceylon tea as the basis for their teabags and it is generally passable and at least uses natural flavorings. I used to enjoy the Icewine tea but now it just seems far too harsh and perfumy for me, I’m not sure if something changed with their flavoring or just my taste but it isn’t doing it for me. The ginger peach was a new one for me from them and one of the few flavored teas I do enjoy is Numi or Republic of Tea’s black ginger peach loose tea… this one is very different. I don’t really get ginger or peach as identifiable flavors and the ceylon in the background doesn’t hold up like the sturdier black tea in the other offerings. Overall none of it is really good and I think I’m going to finally do away with the notion of drinking a lesser tea just because I’m sick and can’t get the subtle nuances.

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