Black Pearl – Lipton

Lipton? Yep, Lipton. I had been intrigued by their “premium” pyramid teabag line and just ran out of good black/red tea so I figured it was worth a shot. Winter has a way of changing the palate away from my beloved yellows and greens no matter how hard I fight it. Oolongs fill the void nicely but sometimes you just need a nice full-bodied cuppa. PG Tips is an old standby for me, but I wanted something a bit sharper than the rounded edges of PG Tips. I opened the square box and found a bunch of nylon pyramid bags half-filled with 1/16″-1/8″ pieces. Nothing overly impressive in look or initial smell. I brewed up a cup and found that it is very much improved over the average Lipton tea (which isn’t too hard to accomplish) , a bit less muted than PG Tips, and similar to loose Lipton sold in Indian groceries which is much less expensive and contains a ton more tea. I attempted to over brew it and it never turned bitter, I also was able to eek out a second light, but drinkable, cup. There is nothing wrong if you enjoy a standard cup of Lipton tea, and for those whose tea repertoire consists of nothing past the regular American Lipton tea bag this is well worth a shot and very drinkable but it will not wow a red/black tea fan.

Lipton Black Pearl


3 Responses to Black Pearl – Lipton

  1. EAnglin says:

    You should give Archer Farms Organic Golden Breakfast tea a try- look for it in the foods section at your local Target. Its a surprisingly good (And very affordable) Yunnan black loose leaf tea. Check out the teapot and tea kettle section while you are in Target- they have a buyer who obviously knows their tea.

  2. teasphere says:

    Of all the strange happenstance, I literally just returned from Target… a store I never shop at. How weird. I will give it a shot if/when I next visit. I had to finish up some Christmas shopping, and did end up with two Archer Farms food items: Spinach Artichoke tortilla chips and a microwaveable coconut curry basmatti rice dish. But alas no tea. Thanks for the tip and comment though!

  3. Steph W says:

    I had a similar response to it – better than the Lipton flat bags….nothing I’d buy on a regular basis, but altogether a step up.

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