Goji and Raspberry Green Tea

I’m not a big tisane fan, especially anything with hibiscus in it, but I decided to take a chance on this one that involved actual green tea. My guess is that it is from Republic of Tea’s loose catalog but I bought it from a nondescript glass jar for about five bucks for 1/8lb. Goji berries are kind of a raisin/cranberry mix and I like them which was the hook, the raspberry though worried me a bit because with the tart hibiscus I figured this would be a pucker inducing red brew. I poured in some hot water and was greeted by a pucker inducing red brew. How’d I guess. The mix contains large pieces of Goji and full dried raspberries as well as the damned hibiscus petals and some other tisane bits amongst the generic and low-quality green tea. I’m sure if it were just the goji berries and green tea base it would be better, possibly even with the raspberries still, but as is it is a tough mix. If you like tisanes/hibiscus then the rest of this mashup is actually pretty enjoyable and well balanced but otherwise steer clear.


One Response to Goji and Raspberry Green Tea

  1. sounds interesting. I’m growing a goji plant but I don’t like the taste and I know I don’t like hibiscus taste :) Perhaps all together it won’t be so bad ;)

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