Yunnan Bo Nay – FooJoy

I know, I know, I’ve been covering a lot of low-quality stuff lately but for one reason or another it has been in my cup. I bought a box of FooJoy Bo Nay, Puer, today as part of a gift to a family member who likes Thai iced tea. I didn’t need the whole box for the gift so I sampled some. I steeped the basic teabag in boiling water for about 2 minutes. The aroma was very reminiscent of quality cooked puer, and amazingly the flavor was also very close! It isn’t as bold or strong and it isn’t overly complex but all of the basics are there and even a bit more. It has a lightly earthy base and some hints of camphor which is a sought-after characteristic of very good puer.

Yunnan Bo Nay

Yunnan Bo Nay

It is very enjoyable on its own and it makes a great Thai iced tea with the addition of some simple syrup and good shot of half and half. Quite possibly the best inexpensive puer you can buy so rather than buying those horrid little mini-tuo cha or even larger $1 Asian market tuos hoping to find a winner this is a sure thing.


One Response to Yunnan Bo Nay – FooJoy

  1. took a chance and reached for a box of Foojoy Black tea @ asian market,

    for 3$ it has a much better flavor than most bagged black tea i’ve had so far , and , low astringency.
    strangely it takes a while for it to infuse,

    next time i’m grabbing the Bo Nay box.

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