Vessel One, cool new teapot design

I love unique and innovative design, but I am not one for design just for design’s sake. It has to be useful or meaningful. Vessel One is a cool product which adds a neat twist on the standard kettle. It is designed as an all white vase-like container with a bottom of enamel coated stainless steel and a neck of silicone with some structural support. You can place it directly on your stove to heat the water, and when the water is heated a pattern emerges in blue on the sides (There’s even a sweet Space Invaders option). You can grab the neck without any special holder due to the use of silicone and place it on a magnetic removable trivet for service. Simple, elegant, slightly contemporary, and very unique. I wouldn’t have a massive need for it but the thought and design struck a chord with me, so I thought I’d share. Click the image for a link to the product’s site.

Vessel One Teapot

Vessel One Teapot


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    […]Vessel One, cool new teapot design « teasphere[…]…

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