Premium Goji Tea – Biomix

OK, so I’m a man of my word and a guy by the name of Kevin Shin left a quasi-spam comment touting his Korean Goji Berry tea and I explained that if he wanted to send a small sample that I would be happy to fairly cover it. I was even willing to pay shipping to keep things fair and on the up and up completely.

I had previously tried a terrible raspberry/goji/green tea melange with hibiscus which was an abomination in a cup and covered it recently. It did include whole raspberries and goji berries though, that, while tart, made for a nice snack once I tossed out the liquor. Goji berries are supposed to have all kinds of magical powers and health benefits… by now you should know those types of things mean little to me so that won’t enter into my appraisal at all. Goji, or Wolf, berries are small oblong red berries that have a tart/acidic flavor.

This Goji tisane comes in individually wrapped teabags which contain a brown powder consisting of: (all natural) 90% Gojiberry, 1% Solomon’s seal, 8% Wild Rice, and 1% Cassia tore from the Korean packaging. The smell is of dried hay/grass/wheat initially.  It can be brewed in hot or cold water as the powdered contents brew up fully and quickly no matter what. The brew retains the roasted grain notes almost entirely as does the flavor which has just a hint of tartness from the berries at the end. It reminds me of hojicha(Japanese green tea and toasted puffed rice) slightly. I have to say it isn’t really tea, and as such it isn’t a very deep or rewarding experience, but for what it is – it is an enjoyable drink actually. I find myself coming back to it for the unique flavor, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy hojicha. It’s better than I had expected and I could see how for someone interested in the medicinal aspects it would be a great option, as a daily drink in lieu of most other teas maybe not so much but on occasion it has it’s place.


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