Kindle DX – Amazon

Right now in NYC, Amazon is unveiling the new, larger, Kindle DX. The Kindle is an “eBook” reader that allows you to carry a whole library as well as periodicals, magazines, and newspapers in a 1/3″ thin device. The past 2 versions were small and a bit cramped for reading but great for portability. This new revision is much larger and able to display an 8.5″ x 11″ page natively at the cost of a larger unit. The Kindle utilizes e-ink which is easy on the eyes and battery power but unfortunately black-and-white/greyscale only. The new DX is also aimed at college students with a new partnership with textbook publishers that may finally do away with 75+lbs. of textbooks needed for a day of classes. I love to read and I really wanted to love this new device, but for me the price is still prohibitive at $489 and the lack of any sort of color is also a bit of a deal-breaker. They almost had my business, but if it fits your needs and lifestyle they are available for pre-order starting now:

Kindle DX

Kindle DX

Kindle DX: Preorder


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