Tea and health benefits

Six months or so back I had my cholesterol checked and when the results came the nurse and doctor were discussing the results within earshot of me and in hushed tones… I figured something was wrong. They came in and asked me a bunch of questions about my diet (for those who don’t know I’m a pretty big guy about 6’3″ and 240lbs. but I’ve always been active outdoors and played sports) I’m also a “foodie” (I hate that term) and love to cook and eat adventurously and in decent quantity but for the most part I stick to reasonably healthy options (outside of the occasional Wellington, 2lb. steak, wings/pizza). I figured I was going to have to cut out all of the things I like to indulge with (triple bacon cheeseburgers)… instead they ended by telling me that my cholesterol levels were actually so low that I should probably eat some more things containing cholesterol! I was shocked. I really had no answers for them and really thought it may have been an error and came out pretty happy except for their great concern about my low numbers.

I was discussing this anomaly with my parents a couple weeks back and my mother said, “well, it’s probably all of the green tea you drink.” I am a total non-believer in miracle cure-all health claims so this never even entered my mind and I never even thought to bring it up to the doctor. It could all be coincidence, it could truly be my diet (although I highly doubt that one), genetics, it could be my love for laughter (hey, who knows), it could be Venus was aligned just so with my belt buckle that day… but it really could be the liters of tea I drink each day (almost exclusively Chinese or Japanese greens). I honestly don’t know and after her comment it sent my logical mind reeling.

I’m stumped, but after downing about 5lbs. (no lie) of meat the other night as we were out with friends at a Churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ) and a few porters I’m thinking there has to be some validity. Although I’m still overweight and balding so the magical, mystical, powers have some limitations if true.


3 Responses to Tea and health benefits

  1. ItsAboutTea says:

    YOU know, I think you are probably right about the benefits that green tea are providing you and your body. Green tea has endless benefits to the body. Especially if you are consuming a regular amount each day. I have devoted many of hours and days to studying and writing articles on the benefit of tea. I am happy to let you know that you are on track for a long life. Please take time to check out my website to learn more of the benefits that tea offers.

  2. :D i’m jealous ! i need an excuse like that to eat more bbq or binge at a churrascaria (btw if you come by NYC try churrascariaplataforma before 3pm- its cheaper, all you can eat/they bring the meat to your table and slice it)

  3. teasphere says:

    Heh, I know, it sure isn’t genetics or any real exercise on my part… I’ve marked churrascariaplataforma down and it will be on my short-list next visit. Hopefully soon, Les Halles is calling.

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