Thai Iced Tea – C.T.F. Brand

Thai food is one of the most underrated cuisines and one of my personal favorites, happily that seems to be changing and it starting to make in-roads into many American cities. Thai iced tea is actually something I rarely order when out but on a recent trip to a great new Thai restaurant near Pittsburgh (Nicky’s Thai Kitchen) my father had decided to try some. He was hooked, and knew his tea-swilling son would be able to find him some.

I went with C.T.F brand Thai tea which consists of very small bits of leaf, yellow #5 coloring!, and anise seed… why tea would need any colorant is beyond me, but it was the best of the options available. I brewed some up for myself to check it out, and while it still isn’t exactly my thing, it is nicely refreshing as just a plain (no sugar or half and half) iced tea. It has a kind of woody aroma and taste with a hint of the anise subtly tossed in. Nothing complex or outstanding but no glaring issues either outside of adding color to a drink that by definition is already, naturally, perfectly colored. I seriously don’t get that. He was happy to be able to enjoy this treat on his own, and throughout the summer I’m sure I’ll get use out of my bag too. I’m looking forward to using it in some cooking and maybe a homemade BBQ sauce, and also for some bubble tea. At about $4 for a pound of tea it is a great value too for what it is.

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

Por Kwan brand Thai Ice Tea Mix – 16 oz


4 Responses to Thai Iced Tea – C.T.F. Brand

  1. Marlena says:

    I love Thai food and sometimes their iced tea, which I don’t really consider tea, just a pleasant drink that for reason goes with the food. My fav. restaurant always serves it with evaporated milk and sugar. I am thrilled to see more Thai restaurants. I think they are better than most Chinese, but that’s me

  2. teasphere says:

    Very much agreed. Yes, evaporated milk is also sometimes used and that is a treat. I am hoping that in time Thai will become as ubiquitous as Chinese, not that long ago Chop Suey was exotic and special. Once I perfect my Gang Karee (yellow coconut curry) I may have less of a reason to go out for it, but I will always take Thai over almost any Chinese.

  3. Mac says:

    Just wanted to let you know the reason why food coloring is used is because years ago they used to use saffron in the tea blend and now that it’s so expensive they instead use coloring. I wish we could find a blend without it though.

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