Tea Snob Status

I thought it would never happen to me, but it has. I no longer can grin and bear a tepid cup of water with a Lipton or cut-rate tea bag plunked in. I politely decline, but my hosts know it is because I don’t deem their offering worthy. This troubles me because I’m normally one to make the sacrifice to not hurt others feelings, but I have just reached a point where I want a good cup of tea or none at all. If offered some new brand or variant I will generally give it a shot to say I have tried it, even if I know it is going to be bad, so I’m not totally taken by the dark side… yet.

It’s really a tough spot to be in at times and I’ve not yet figured out a way to handle it better. How do you handle this situation?


3 Responses to Tea Snob Status

  1. Obvious: Bring your own tea with you wherever you go! Then pull it out as a great favor to whomever you are visiting. Problem solved.

  2. sioneve says:

    Or pretend that you are developing an intolerance to caffeine…but your not sure yet…so just to be on the safe side, you would prefer a cup of hot water instead!

  3. teasphere says:

    I’ve brought my own tea places before but I never thought about bringing extra and leaving it with the host! That’s a great idea and will be my new method. Everyone wins.

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