Thai Deodorant Stones

This is totally not about tea, but fear not, my shipment of new tea will be at my door when I get home tonight. In the meantime I had to make a post about something else that has completely won me over: Thai deodorant stones/crystals. I recently went on a trip and the silly liquid restrictions for flights annoys me to no end. I already have too many important items to keep track of in the hurried rush of TSA checkpoints that I don’t like having to deal with another in the form of a Ziploc bag with tiny bottles in it. I can survive any length of time (even in modern society) with just two items: Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap and some deodorant. The Dr. Bronner’s is good for toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and even a bubble bath of sorts. I usually use it in liquid soap form but I can buy a solid bar. I’m never sure if deodorant needs to be in the Ziploc or not and I just hate dealing with something that could melt and leave a waxy perfumy mess. I all-around just hate scented deodorants in general and especially when I am hiking/camping or travelling.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

In some research on alternatives I came across a number of travellers who swore by Thai deodorant stones. Being a fan of many things Thai I looked into it further. Basically, it is a quartz-looking whitish/clear stone that you slightly wet and apply like deodorant. The upsides are many… it contains no aluminum, it is completely clear, dries instantly, no scent, no residue, no staining, it’s solid, a single stone lasts a year or more of daily use, it weighs almost nothing, and it packs small. A travel size option is about the size of half of a tube of lipstick! I like to pack ultralight when I go camping so this was a boon for that as well. But would it work?

Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal

Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal

One other thing I should mention is that I do not use anti-perspirant at all, just deodorant, and that is what this is designed to replace. Clogging up pores is not my idea of a smart solution, it’s natural to sweat. And you will still sweat but the Thai crystal eliminates the bacteria which causes odor issues. It does this so well I will never go back to chemical laden deodorants again. Not just for travel but every day. I am 100% satisfied and amazed at how well this works, so much so, that like my new-found soy blueberry yogurt, I wanted to share it with everyone even if it might not be a direct fit for my usual content. I promise new tea coverage is on it’s way!


7 Responses to Thai Deodorant Stones

  1. Marlena says:

    Another Dr. Bronner fan – I love the stuff! Perks up any shower. I also love the lavender for an evening shower or bath. I use the Thai deoderent also – great stuff. I really enjoy your blogs about tea, too. I just started one but today was soooooooooo hot and humid I did a tea that didn’t require much.

  2. teasphere says:

    Thanks for the kind words… and another enlightened Bronner/Thai crystal tea-drinking soul… who knew? :) I’ve tried almond by accident once, but lavender is a little too floral for me. The tingly/cooling feature of Dr. Bronners is a plus.

  3. Cambree says:

    I love using deodorant stone too. I’ve been using the liquid version and it’s OK. But I still prefer the stones.

    You have a nice blog about tea. I am also an avid tea drinker. :)

    • teasphere says:

      Glad you enjoy the site, it’s always nice to hear my effort is worthwhile. It’s amazing how many friends/family all said they use and love them too after I brought it up. Who knew? I’m sure the American market will never take off because a deodorant that lasts a year or more and costs the same as one or two sticks of regular deodorant just wouldn’t fit the capitalist ideal. But the positive impact on the body and the reduction in plastic waste from normal deodorant would be staggering.

  4. Monanita says:

    I was once a fan of Thai Crystal Deodorant; however, after approximately two years of using this odor free, cost effective product, my feelings have drastically changed. Unfortunately, my experiencing Thai Crystal Deodorant, has caused my underarms to chafe. During the last couple of years, I have develop great pain in both my shoulders. My right shoulder was diagnosed as having a rotator-cup tear, which I have no memory of hurting it. Now, my left shoulder is exhibiting the same symtoms. Finally, I recently discontinued using this product because of obvious reasons. I initially thought that I had found the one healthy product for my underarms. Now, I am not so sure that Thai Crystal Deodorant is the answer!

    • teasphere says:

      While I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, I would highly doubt it has any link to essentially a salt. This sounds like a bit of a stretch medically, but you are welcome to your opinion.

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