Lochan Tea Tasting – #1 Doke 2009 Silver Needle

Tea #1 Doke 2009 Silver Needle:Dry leaf: Nice full leaf, many downy, some green some woodier, scent reminiscent of raspberry

Wet Leaf: Raspberry continues with possibly a little citrus/tang and herbal/woody notes

Brewed: Woody up front with a finish of faint raspberry, a small amount of astringency and a bit of malt/hops… can be detected along lines of the finish of a good Belgian beer.

A very nice white tea with a very good balance and complexity as well as a more well-rounded and developed overall flavor than many silver needles which can be overpowering in one aspect or another. Not bitter or harsh, this tea has all it’s corners rounded off even with a fair amount of leaf and steep time. Not flowery or perfumy either.


6 Responses to Lochan Tea Tasting – #1 Doke 2009 Silver Needle

  1. Very nice description. I have yet to experience loose white tea. I’ve been reading various reviews to try and decide which company to order from. The Lochan sounds fascinating. I like the fact you say that it isn’t flowery or perfumy. To me that’s a point in it’s favor.

  2. teasphere says:

    Thanks, I’m actually not a white tea fan for the most part since it is usually astringent (drying/puckery feeling) and often flowery/perfumy which is a turn off to me too. I’d say I enjoyed this one more than most others. If you get a chance try some yellow tea (like Huo Shan Huang Ya or Que She/Sparrow’s tongue) or Bi Lo Chun which is a lighter green tea. I like them better than white teas and they are lighter and more subtle.

  3. Jason Witt says:

    You’ve impressed me here with your ability to describe white tea. I’ve not yet had such a marked experience. Rather I’ve felt, like many people, that it’s a faint flavor.

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