Lochan Tea Tasting – #2 Meghma Oolong 2009 Second Flush

#2 Meghma Oolong 2009 Second Flush

Dry Leaf: Autumn leaves. Since I am currently surrounded and drowning in orange and brown fallen leaves, I know it well.

Wet leaf: Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty with some edge of Puerh and faint wet Autumn leaf subtly at the end.

Brewed: Keemun instantly up front, a little malty, which turns quickly into an Oriental Beauty with very slight citrus no strong assertive notes popping out. Raw honey and very faint roasted almond on the breath at the very long end.

Small leaves unfurl into this mid roasted/fermented tea which sits between the greener oolongs and the more heavily fired and oxidized offerings. I wasn’t sure what to think with the overwhelming Autumn leaf scent of the freshly opened package that didn’t expose much else in the way of secrets. The instant the near-boil water kissed the leaf though it opened up into what hit me as a fairly standard Oriental Beauty oolong. The taste eventually went in that direction but the first hit of Keemun and the very long finish was quite welcome and gave it some added dimension. Minutes after the last sip there was a slight hint of those original Autumn leaves which followed the first finish of faint raw honey/roasted almond that appeared 20-30 seconds after the initial taste. A good tea in the Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty category, but nothing that would make this fit a category of its own or snap to the top of the one it comfortably sits in. The long finish is very relaxing and enjoyable which forces one to slow down and savor it to the end… and even a bit beyond.


One Response to Lochan Tea Tasting – #2 Meghma Oolong 2009 Second Flush

  1. Jason Witt says:

    Sounds good. I’d love to drink a mix between Oriental Beauty and Puerh.

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