Lochan Tea Tasting – #6 Margarets Hope Muscatel

#6 Margarets Hope Muscatel

Dry Leaf: Not much to look at but the aroma of a nice moscato wine is amazing.

Wet Leaf: Again, no beauty pageant winner but now that wonderful moscato has transmuted into a rich Canadian ice wine.

Brewed: A tawny liquor produces a tea that can stand up to the finest wines of the world. Muscat forward, muscat mid, and muscat long after. It also rivals any perfume I’ve ever encountered for sheer intoxicating scent. There’s a slight hint of anise or black licorice buried deep in there which adds even more allure.

This is one of teas from the grouping that sings to me, and that I was looking forward to like coming home to an old friend. I often bypass the Darjeelings and many black teas in favor of more delicate and subtle teas like yellows, light greens, senchas, and gyokuros, but the muscat quality of this one is what makes me return a few times each year no matter what season or mood. It’s everything I want in a Darjeeling. I once had a Mlesna brand teabag which was actually “ice wine” flavored Ceylon and it struck me how all the added flavorings in the world can’t get you anywhere near the natural flavor of this tea. It’s magical and it is, and will firmly remain, in my own personal top 10 teas. I can’t speak highly enough of this tea, and it is a pleasure I hope any tea drinker experiences again and again.


One Response to Lochan Tea Tasting – #6 Margarets Hope Muscatel

  1. Jason Witt says:

    Muscatel really is that special of an experience. This is because black teas don’t often have such a profound fruity flavor, in contrast to Oolongs which can have an intense fruity charm.

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