Lochan Tea Tasting – #7 Thurbo FTGFOP 1 CL TPY 2009

#7 Thurbo FTGFOP 1 CL TPY

Dry: Oaky/smokey hint of coconut husk and fuller leaf

Wet Leaf: Nutty and vegetal while brewing. A little melon.

Brewed: coconut on the nose and then a fairly lively brew that kicks off with a pretty strong almond note that turns into coconut and a little bit of bitterness through the middle and into the finish where the bitterness quickly recedes a touch of astringency and a nutty/coconut oil finish that gently coats and stays around for a nice long time.

This is a very good tea to be sure, however this one doesn’t hit any specific chords that resonate with me personally. All of the flavors and complexities are well balanced and there is no fault found with the tea itself. I feel that this is a tea that I will revisit off and on over time and eventually could even grow into a favorite, often initial indifference from me leads to a new addition to the stable. There are wisps of muscatel hiding and swirling behind the scenes and I think that makes me just want them front and center in a cup of Margarets Hope, but often the subtleness is actually a positive and becomes more desirable than just a full-on hit.

One Response to Lochan Tea Tasting – #7 Thurbo FTGFOP 1 CL TPY 2009

  1. Jason Witt says:

    A tea like this is interesting for all the different things going on but it’s tempting to want one of those flavors to dominate.

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