Lochan Tea Tasting – #10 – Jungpana Autumn Delight 2009

#10 – Jungpana Autumn Delight

Dry Leaf: Very small bits of leaf, deep dark brown. The scent is slightly muscatel-ish and also just a bit plain malty.

Wet Leaf: Muscatel notes perk up a bit, but there is an Autumn leaf quality with a bit of a tang as well. There’s something present which is familiar but naming it escapes me on this one. Hopefully it will come to me. I can only name clay and a tang.

Brewed: This one has more of a wine-y front with a bit of the vegetal notes that I found in yesterday’s Castleton, but not so strong, and it turns into a more muscatel back end which makes a bit more appealing package. I think the Jungpana Imperial Muscatel may have ruined me for good.

There’s nothing wrong with this tea, but for me I couldn’t see choosing this over the Imperial in any instance. It has a nice depth and complexity and a whole direction of it’s own which may appeal more to others, it is certainly not very bitter and the astringency is a bit higher with more subdued muscatel characteristics so for those who any of that appeals to this is a great tea. The one thing that struck me was how two teas from one estate could be so different in scope and flavor. The other thing, that to me, is always a bit of a deal-breaker has to do with the very small leaf and broken bits… as much as I hate to admit it, I’m a sucker for nice pretty leaves. I’m even OK down to 1/4″ pieces, but once it gets much smaller than that I have a built in aversion that I rarely can get past. Again, that’s a personal thing, many could probably care less.

This one reminds me of a dark den with a roaring fire, a high-backed leather chair and a good book. Classy and comfortable.

2 Responses to Lochan Tea Tasting – #10 – Jungpana Autumn Delight 2009

  1. Lisa B says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we can compare a beverage to a warm comfy place to sit and read! Tea is amazing!

  2. Jason Witt says:

    I can see myself favoring this tea since it has a reasonable balance between the muscatel and the malty. Both of them deserve to show up in one tea.

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