Zojirushi CV-DSC40 Electric Kettle

I’ve made due with my very basic electric kettle for years to heat my water, it has precisely one button which is “On” and I know it so well that I simply time shutting it off before or during the boil to get my desired temperature. It only holds a max of 1L and I generally refill it numerous times a day and reboil constantly. The cord is finally beginning to break, which started my hunt for a replacement. I’ve been wanting a Zojirushi boiler for a long time, but the expense and slower boil time has always pushed it back again. After hunting through all of my options the vacuum insulation of the Zojirushi CV-DSC40 kept haunting me. The fact that instead of wastefully refilling and reboiling I can fill in 4L and use it throughout the day with little to no energy use was just too much to ignore and I eventually caved.

Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE

Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE

Once I’ve received it and had some time to live with it I will post a more detailed review, but my only real concern is the initial boil time. Since this unit is rated at 800 Watts, and most electric kettles are in the 1200-1500 Watt range, it seems it will take about twice as long as an actual kettle. This means it will have to function like a hot water tank more-so than a kettle and some routine will have to be created to make it fit my needs. Hopefully not too big of an adjustment either. I’ll always have a regular kettle just in case. I wish it had an actual clock/timer instead of limited preset hour choices and I don’t see why a variable temperature control would be any harder than the included three settings of 175, 195, and 208 degrees Fahrenheit… but those are minor quibbles. I’ll probably keep it set on 195 and then just let it cool a minute or so before using any delicate greens. I’m not a big black tea drinker so this should suffice even for the occasional cup.

We shall see how it fits into life and tea as I know it. I’m looking forward to it!

2 Responses to Zojirushi CV-DSC40 Electric Kettle

  1. Lisa B says:

    Very interesting… can’t wait for you to take it for a test drive!

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