Tea Art

I have a number of interests and hobbies and sometimes it doesn’t even occur to me when two intersect, this was one of those times. A while back I had the idea to try to paint with tea as the medium. Sure, people overbrew plain tea or coffee to stain or paint, but with such a deep knowledge of different teas and their various hues I figured I could really do some neat artwork. While I have done a few samples and have a ton of ideas racing around in my head, I sadly haven’t had the time to make them a reality yet. But they are coming. I did however do one piece where I stained the paper itself with some Shui Xian oolong and then did a minimalist brush painting on top. But, since in my mind my art-world is separate from my tea-world, I never thought to post it here. Hope you enjoy it!

Yixing on oolong

Yixing teapot on Shui Xian oolong tea-stained paper

(4″x6″ ink on tea-stained paper. I would consider making unique limited, signed pieces. The paper would be individually stained for a one-of-a-kind pattern with the image then painted upon it. Leave a Comment or email if interested in details.) Note: This image was scanned, digitized and compressed for viewing on the Internet so some detail is lost/altered slightly.

3 Responses to Tea Art

  1. John says:

    Sorry to comment off thread but I have a new blog you can find here at http://greenteaweightlossnow.com/
    and your site is kinda related to mine.

    I thought it would be beneficial for both of us to do a blogroll link exchange.

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  2. Tea fanatic says:

    That is wonderful art, despite the spammy weight-loss comment back in February.

  3. Hammock Man says:

    Your piece reminds me of the Zen-Ga art form. If you are in New Orleans the most extensive Zen-Ga collection outside of Japan is at the Museum Of Art. The tea ceremony was interwoven with this art form. Taste the tea,may it inspire you.

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