Big Things Coming! Huo Shan

Big things have been brewing and I have had the great fortune to become friends with a great local woman to Huoshan that loves the remarkable yellow tea from the famous mountain as much, if not more, as myself and has been beyond gracious and hard-working to bring this treasure into the spotlight it deserves. I have obtained a reasonably large sampling of each of the five grades of the tea directly from the source, as well as insight, and amazing photographs. Yellow tea is essentially unknown in the West, and while it is my personal favorite, it has always been a bit of a struggle to obtain and in high quality. I hope to help change this, also to demystify and bring this unique tea to many more people to enjoy as much as I do.

We often overlook the people behind the tea and the effort, passion, and devotion that goes into those small leaves. The story, culture, and history often makes the cup taste even better, and I’ll post a little teaser photo to hold you over until the floodgates open soon!



One Response to Big Things Coming! Huo Shan

  1. Tea harvesting is big deal…we have it very easily but it has lots of efforts to provide us.

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