Updates coming, I promise!

January 17, 2011

teasphere has changed a lot and my life has as well, but I am still very devoted to tea… actually more so now! I apologize for letting the posts tail off for so long, but I hope folks are still around and still interested. I have begun working much closer with the growers and producers and offering many teas for sale in the U.S. that were previously unavailable. It is not a profit-driven venture either, but a goal of mine to actually give back to the amazing people that have created all of the awesome tea we all drink and enjoy daily. I’m always interested in the stories and culture and people behind the things I love, and too often they are easily forgotten or go unnoticed. The aim is to both bring their stories to the forefront and also give back in the form of education for the worker’s children as well as any other way that really has an impact.

I have some great information to share, and it will be forthcoming very soon. For anyone interested in the teas, a basic list can be found here: teasphere tea list