Arya Pearls Photo Update – Thunderbolt Tea

January 13, 2010

I apologize for the delay, but a missing camera cable has kept me handcuffed. A few days ago I posted a quick impression of the Arya Pearls sample from Thunderbolt Tea and my complete amazement at the beauty of the leaf and the almost imperceptibly light-yellow colored liquor it produces. I had taken a few photos of the dry leaf that I wanted to share to really give a solid impression of just how full and pretty these leaves are. I’ll have to wait until I order more beyond this small sample for more photos and in-depth notes, but as promised, here are the shots (you can click on the photo’s for the full-sized images):

Arya Pearls in gaiwan

Arya Pearls in gaiwan

Arya Pearls dry leaf

Arya Pearls dry leaf


Arya Pearl white tea – Thunderbolt Tea

January 2, 2010

In a recent shipment of tea from Thunderbolt tea a tiny packet tucked in amongst the Darjeelings stuck out: Arya Pearls. It was a very small and light packet and the fact that I had never heard of it intrigued me.

When I opened it I was floored! This was tea so delicate and pristine words fail it! Not rolled or processed and certainly not silver needles, this is leaf plucked and allowed to dry as-is by the sun only. Nothing more. Just huge full brittle leaves and leaves with bud in all their glory and a wonderful light green color. Photo’s will be coming because it is just necessary.

It has a briney scent almost like crab. Delicate and sweet. Upon brewing it there is almost no discernable change in water color or aroma. Really good water is a must! A slight briney and vegetal note, but very slight. The taste, however, is without a doubt, the most exquisite white tea I have ever enjoyed! I’m not a silver needle fan, and most whites don’t interest me as I’d rather have a yellow. This is like the perfect fusion of the two styles and it is magical.

Delicateness and subtlety are the names of this one, and it really shouldn’t be missed for any tea lover out of sheer uniqueness and rarity. White tea fans shouldn’t have even wasted this much time reading before ordering! 2010 is starting out to be a great year!