Bodum 16oz. tea/coffee french press travel mug

February 20, 2009

Bodum makes some clean and elegantly designed kit for both tea and coffee drinkers. Their Pavina double walled glass cups are legend and I highly treasure a set of Yo-Yo Mug/infusers that I use almost daily at home. On the road, though, it can be a tricky thing to enjoy a decent cup of tea. The Chinese use smallish thermoses where they just toss in some leaf and hot water and then continue to top it off throughout the day, but that doesn’t let you regulate the brewing time so it limits the type of tea you can really enjoy. I came across these french press travel mugs about a year ago and the concept is pretty solid allowing you to stop the brewing process but also top off through the day. Best of both worlds. Kinda.


Bodum French Press Travel Mug

Bodum French Press Travel Mug



The major flaw is in the fact that the plunger bottoms out with about 2″ to spare, way too much room left. It does work really well for coffee though. The other minor quibble is that the tea does continue to brew, albeit slower, even when the plunger is down so it will still turn bitter or strong if you don’t drink it quickly. Even with the flaws it is one of the better travel solutions I’ve hit on so far.

I’d love to hear what travel solutions you have come up with in the comments.