Big Things Coming! Huo Shan

March 4, 2010

Big things have been brewing and I have had the great fortune to become friends with a great local woman to Huoshan that loves the remarkable yellow tea from the famous mountain as much, if not more, as myself and has been beyond gracious and hard-working to bring this treasure into the spotlight it deserves. I have obtained a reasonably large sampling of each of the five grades of the tea directly from the source, as well as insight, and amazing photographs. Yellow tea is essentially unknown in the West, and while it is my personal favorite, it has always been a bit of a struggle to obtain and in high quality. I hope to help change this, also to demystify and bring this unique tea to many more people to enjoy as much as I do.

We often overlook the people behind the tea and the effort, passion, and devotion that goes into those small leaves. The story, culture, and history often makes the cup taste even better, and I’ll post a little teaser photo to hold you over until the floodgates open soon!



Huo Shan Huang Ya – Teaspring

June 16, 2008

I know Teaspring has been getting a lot of play lately from me, and I can assure you I will be moving on to other vendors soon… but honestly they have been filling my needs quite well lately and at prices I can love. I have been hooked on Huo Shan Huang Ya for almost a year straight now, and I figured I would try out their offering. Without a doubt this is the freshest yellow tea I have ever seen! Truly. When I opened the foil bag I was hit with just pure scent that was unreal. Beautiful pale green full leaves, many single leaf and bud and even two leaves and bud make up the 50g packet I ordered.

It brews up to a wonderful clear liquor that is barely green. The scent of it brewing is the giveaway that it is steeped, as the color in my white gaiwan barely changes. While Huo Shan is among my personal favorite top five teas, I actually have no words to properly define it’s flavor. I have to cheat and use Teaspring’s description. They use the analogy of sweet corn, and that is pretty good as I would only be able to use the term “vegetal” if asked and that just doesn’t capture it. I have a pretty solid palate and I guess if I would really sit and concentrate I could do better so I apologize.

If you enjoy vegetal, but not fishy, green teas then this is the pinnacle of that flavor. It is not acidic or too strong, but has a real depth and quality that makes it so hard to define. Super affordable and easily in the top quality I have seen in my experience with yellows.